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Getting a personal loan used to be a hassle, requiring a trip to the bank and lots of paperwork, waiting, and often disappointment. We’re here to make things simpler.

For qualified applicants, we've got funds waiting to be transferred into your bank account right now. Apply for a Best personal loan today, and you could have the money you need in your bank account in 1 business day! has a wide variety of personal loans to fit your needs. Request any amount up to 70L. You may qualify for an APR as low as 10.75%.* We have a personal loan that's right for you, you can select a fixed-term plan that's right for you, and get on the path to becoming debt-free. It's fast, it's easy, it's fair, and it might be just what you need to achieve your financial goals.

Our online personal loan application process is one of the fastest, simplest ways for you to get the funds you need to get on track towards financial freedom.

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Personal Loans

Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.


Need urgent cash for venue booking, catering, jewellery, shopping, or guest accommodation? Then it makes total sense to go for a wedding loan. Focus on the biggest day of your life while being adequately prepared for it financially with Personal Loan.

Home Renovation

Spruce up the look of your abode, carry out vital repairs or get new home furniture, furnishings or fixtures the smart way. Turn your house into a home with Personal Loan.


Get the funds for the expenditure involved in going abroad for taking up employment. Manage your personal with for fulfill your travelling to abroad.


Often, the only thing that stands between the best education for your children is access to money. You can use the personal loan for a variety of purposes, including your own or the education of a family member.

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Features of Personal Loan

Life is full of surprises, some good, others not so much. And, no matter how well you plan, there's no way you can see them coming. But, does that mean you have to keep your dreams and financial responsibilities aside to deal with them? Not anymore.

Features :

  • Multi-purpose loan:

    You can take a personal loan for a variety of purposes, be it for conducting a family wedding, supporting your child's education, renovating your home or even paying back an existing loan.
  • No collateral:

    If you are eligible, you can take a personal loan without putting up any of your assets as collateral.
  • Minimal paperwork:

    A personal loan requires very little paperwork when compared to other types of loans.
  • Easy repayment:

    Our Personal Loans come with a host of repayment options such as post-dated cheques, ECS, online payments of EMI and so on.
  • Affordable interest rates:

    Our Personal Loans come with competitive interest rates that are easily affordable.

Personal Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Private companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a personal loan.


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years


Minimum Net Monthly Income: Rs 15,000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

We have published some of the FAQ's for general guidance, information and assistance of users.In case your unable to get your answers please write to us at

The lender decides whether you qualify based on your financial history.A person’s eligibility is also affected by the company he/she is employed with, his/her credit history his/her residential location and other factors as per the lender’s criteria.

Yes but you can be charged a penalty fee for paying off a personal loan early. Lenders charge these fees to mitigate prepayment risk, which means that if the borrower pays the loan off early, the lender will be deprived of future interest payments.

For the typical offline process, Personal Loan approval usually takes 72 hours and disbursal will take 5 working days subject to documents and other verification.

The required documents for personal loans vary from one financial institution to another, some of the key documents that you would need to provide with your personal loan application include:
KYC Documents : Proof of Identity; Address proof; DOB proof.
Proof of Residence
Income proof.
Latest 6 months Bank statement.

The minimum tenure for Personal Loan is 12 months and the maximum tenure is 60 months. In rare cases, shorter or longer personal loan tenures may be allowed by the borrower on a case by case basis.

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